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Restoring Earth’s resiliency.

A planet of 8 billion people inevitably puts demands on natural resources, and ecological restoration is rapidly growing to bring resiliency into the picture.

To balance the needs of people and nature, we need creative and responsible approaches to infrastructure, development, and climate resilience.

Here’s how RES can help.



Stormwater Management
& Water Quality

Climate Adaptation
& Flood Resilience



Brooks Creek Mitigation Bank

We don’t build sites and walk away. We design them to thrive, and stick around until they do.

At RES, our design/build, maintain, sustain, and steward approach to every project is unparalleled in our industry and is what makes us different. Learn about what makes each stage an important part of the process that builds on what the earth requires – complete resiliency and local knowledge about what’s required to support human progress.


“At BHP, we look for sustainable partnerships that allow for real change.

We have a long-time presence in the Gulf of Mexico and south Louisiana and understand the importance of restoring and preserving the region’s unique and natural environment. This project with RES and Nicholls State University highlights how we’ll work together in response to environmental challenges and use green engineering, where we can create a sound environment that supports the community. We hope this project is a model for others going forward, demonstrating the impact of collective action and collaboration.”


Myron Protz

General Manager, Gulf of Mexico, BHP




Supporting the promise of a modern world in a variety of diverse industries and communities.

  • Transportation
  • Power & Utilities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Commercial Development
  • State, County and Municipal Agencies
  • Pipelines
  • Oil & Gas



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