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Restoring at Scale


Native Vegetation to Support Sustainable Solar Energy

Solar energy facility development is on a steady rise at commercial and utility scales. They bring both renewable energy and the chance to uplift ecosystems, site by site.


RES is helping the solar industry achieve scale in sunbelts across the country.

Our teams design, plant, and maintain cost-effective mixes of native grasses, forbs, and landscape screening buffers to align with the solar project needs and stakeholder priorities. RES accounts for the short-term needs of SWPPP compliance during construction, as well as the costs and constraints for long-term maintenance and success.

We work closely with developers and owners during the project development process, as well as with EPC contractors during construction. In addition, RES has the in-house expertise to account for unique site-specific challenges, such as endangered species on-site or sensitive habitats near the project to ensure that all vegetation requirements and regulations are met.


Solar Installation Vegetation Takeaways


Restoration Handbook
Bonus Uplift from Scale
Vegetation Management Plans (VMPs) designed for fast establishment to meet erosion/stormwater management needs

Vegetation sequencing to align with construction schedule – using temporary seeding and cover crops, for example

Invasives management and expertly phased mowing and maintenance

Nurseries with seed mixes tailored to every client’s
unique project requirements, local ecosystem,
and budget constraints

Pollinator corridors tailored to target species to achieve compliance with stakeholder requirements or to maximize ecological uplift

Native plants and solar “double-down” on carbon-positive impact at scale

Improved soil health, reduced nutrient and sediment runoff, pollinator habitat, and other co-benefits