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Klamath River Restoration:
A landmark undertaking in habitat restoration.

A multi-year commitment. Twenty-three signatories. RES leads the way for the restoration of the Klamath, working with dozens of stakeholder groups and community teams to bring back the salmon population and improve water quality for the Basin as a whole.


Dam Removal


Solar Energy Facilities


restoring at scale docuseries

Stories and mileposts in the mega-project movement.

Ecological restoration has reached the next scale in project size. In a growing number of sites across the country, we’re restoring land areas the size of Manhattan and streams that stretch across entire watersheds. Restoring at Scale acts as a docuseries journal for this important work. 


Project Storymaps

Dover Farms Mitigation Bank GIS Storymap

Using GIS to tell the whole project story.

Our GIS teams love assembling StoryMaps – interactive mashups of maps, videos, and photos using mapping data – to tell our stories of ecological transformation, at every scale. Click for a deeper look into some of our latest restoration projects.