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RES is proud to support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.


The United Nations has declared that 2021-2030 is the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

The goals are to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. And in doing so, to create a pervasive culture of restoration and stewardship of our lands and waters.

The UN is challenging this generation, our generation – #GenerationRestoration – to take charge of this mission.

RES is proud to share these values and this commitment. We are all Generation Restoration.


What's possible in a decade?


Educating Generation Restoration

To create a culture of restoration, we need to scale up knowledge and enthusiasm around what’s possible.

In Year One, we’ll focus on Educating Generation Restoration.

We’ll share and expand our programs supporting ecological education at all levels – youth and lifelong learners, industry professionals, and the general public.

Watch this space for our progress. Or contact us if you have an idea.

And join the movement by adding your name to the roster of #GenerationRestoration. The UN Decade has countless ways you can learn more and show your support.


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