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Sandhill Mitigation Bank


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
Tennessee | Rutherford County
Service Area
05130204-Harpeth | 05130203-Stones | 05130202-Cheatham Lake
Project Size
Wetland: 68.4 AC
Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Wetland


Michael Clark, PE

D: 303.653.8428

The Sandhill Bank site is situated in the heart of Tennessee, just three miles northeast of Eagleville in Rutherford County, Tennessee. It is strategically located within the Harpeth River watershed (HUC 8 – 05130204), which is part of the larger Cumberland River basin. Moreover, this Bank will also serve the Stones watershed (HUC 8 – 05130203) and the Cheatham Lake watershed (HUC 8 – 05130202). The project is specifically located in the Interior Plateau physiographic region of Tennessee, falling within the Inner Nashville Basin Tennessee ecoregion. With a goal to restore natural habitats, this Bank will reestablish an impressive 68.4 acres of forested wetland.