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North Carolina is home to more than 40 different types of wetlands— including saltwater, brackish tidal, and freshwater wetlands.

As such, North Carolina has established many programs to protect riparian buffers and reduce nutrient loads. RES was one of the earliest ecological offset providers delivering water quality solutions in North Carolina.  

Our history in North Carolina begins in 1997, when Environmental Banc & Exchange, LLC (EBX), now RES, began as a firm specializing in the protection and restoration of rare, diminishing, and degraded ecosystems and resources.

Today, RES is the largest private mitigation provider in North Carolina. Collaborating with private and public clients, we develop and supply ecological offsets to help companies obtain required permits for unavoidable project-related impacts on wetlands, streams, and habitats.


North Carolina Contacts

Client Solutions Manager
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Client Solutions Manager, Construction
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Regional Land Manager
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RES in North Carolina

  • 1997

    Our history in North Carolina begins with the formation of Environmental Banc & Exchange

  • 2000

    Developed the Neu-Con Umbrella Bank, one of the earliest approved wetland and stream mitigation banks

  • 2014

    RES acquired EBX

  • Collaborated with landowners to restore and conserve approximately 80 miles of stream and 2,000 acres of wetlands

  • Permitted four multi-site umbrella banks providing wetland, stream, buffer and/or nutrient credits for projects in growth areas statewide