Our Team Regional Operations

Duncan Heyward


Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia


As a General Manager with RES, Duncan has 15 years’ experience in the implementation of mitigation and ecological offset projects, natural resources consulting, and project management. Duncan and his team are responsible for the acquisition, entitlement, development, and long-term success of RES’ portfolio of mitigation and nutrient banks in the Mid-Atlantic region; moreover, he oversees the portfolio of properties to achieve the required risk/return objectives. Overall, Duncan has led or participated in the acquisition, entitlement, and management of 21 stream and wetland mitigation banks, two conservation banks, and one NRD project. Duncan has coordinated projects in Oregon and California, and within the Southeast to secure approximately 10,000 acres of mitigation projects; more specifically, oversaw the development and restoration of over 11 miles of stream and 220 acres of wetlands. Duncan Heyward is the Mid-Atlantic General Manager for RES, covering the states of Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

Duncan holds a B.A. in Finance from the University of Tennessee.