Miles of Experience

We like to say we are “fully scaled” to the challenge of providing superior ecological outcomes, project by project. Find out what it could mean for your project.


Scale – It Goes Both Wide and Deep

In an industry where conventional practices burden clients with piecing together solutions, and sweating out timelines and budgets, RES is creating a new norm: total stewardship.

That means we have the complete assemblage of experts to offer wide project coverage, from beginning to end. And we underpin the entire enterprise with an innovative – and necessary – depth of financial and risk stewardship that delivers the desired project pace, fixed prices, and guaranteed future performance.


Sustainable Solutions

With responsible progress comes careful attention to its full footprint. Which is why every solution is designed to minimize impacts to people, wildlife — and the places they were meant to flourish.


Helping Industry and Government

From infrastructure projects to commercial development, our clients span the public and private sector. Across the board, they are all engaged in balancing human progress with enhanced environmental resilience.


From Stretching Public Dollars to Applied Eco-sciences

We’ve made our impact by limiting yours. Learn more about what it takes to navigate the complexities of environmental regulation, restoration best practices, and effective project management and funding.


A Storied Track Record

Sample the stories of our clients’ projects, and our own history of positive impacts in the realms of ecosystems and ecological education.