Restoring at Scale

Stories and mileposts in the mega-project movement.

Ecological restoration has punched through to the next scale in project size. In a handful of sites across the country, we’re restoring land areas the size of Manhattan and streams that stretch for 10, 20 or even 40 miles.

These projects break new ground in many ways. They support ambitious and needed large infrastructure projects, such as new reservoirs for drinking water, road or rail expansions, or coastal resiliency. And they allow multi-disciplinary teams, guided by ecological sciences, to improve the overall functioning of an entire watershed instead of being limited to a few dozen acres of habitat.

Restoring at Scale acts as a project journal for this important work. It’s a docuseries capturing the practical experiences of our teams as we take proven industry techniques to the next scale. We’ll chronicle these projects through design, build, and beyond. In doing so, we hope to showcase how science-led decisions enable effective engineering and project economics, as well as robust, self-sustaining ecosystems and great outcomes for the surrounding communities.

We invite you to follow us, and be part of the journey.