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Klamath River Restoration Updates | New Storymap Tracks Restoration Progress

April 11, 2024

The Klamath River restoration effort has reached a pivotal juncture now that all the Klamath River dams are breached. To chronicle the project and keep interested parties abreast of progress, RES has produced a comprehensive StoryMap. RES is spearheading a science-driven strategy and has been working with multiple partners, stakeholders, and local tribes since 2019 to carry out the world’s largest salmon restoration project. The newly launched StoryMap is a dynamic platform for documenting the restoration process, from pivotal milestones to current activities. It offers immersive insight into the process, showcasing the collective efforts that will pave the way for the salmon’s return to their ancestral habitat.

“We are honored to steward this critical restoration project, and we are here for the long haul,” remarked Dave Coffman, RES Project Manager. “We’re continually enthused by the pace of landscape and river recovery, from vegetation growth in the former reservoir footprints to improved water quality in the river downstream of the project. This StoryMap provides a window into our progress. It’s the next best thing to actually being on the site.”

As the restoration efforts progress, milestones will be continually updated on the StoryMap, offering stakeholders and the broader community an opportunity to engage with the process and track the project’s evolution. You will want to subscribe to notifications for the latest updates and developments.

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