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Join our team of stream designers, ecologists, project managers, construction operators, and laborers working to leave the world in better shape than we found it.


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Safety EHS&S

We are committed to our greatest natural resource — the well-being of our people. It is why we arm every employee with the Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHS&S) training it takes to mitigate risks of all types.

We are devoted to a culture of safety — with empowered team members in a secure and environmentally friendly work environment — that extends to all facets of our business.





Partners in Restoration: Landowners

There is a great way for landowners to be part of the solution.

RES teams continuously scout the best sites – with a focus on the ones most suitable for local wetlands, stream, species, or water quality gains.

Often these sites are on large parcels of private land. Find out how you as a landowner can enhance a portion of your land with a “conservation easement” under our expert stewardship.





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