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Kingman and Heritage Islands Conservation Area Restoration


Project Type
Non-Bank Project
DC | Washington
Natural Resource Planning/Restoration
Habitat Types
  • Vernal pool preservation
  • Wetland
Ecological Setting


Charlie Westbrook

M: 703.447.9505

In late 2023, The Department of Energy and Environment awarded RES a grant to undertake a comprehensive ecological restoration project on Kingman and Heritage Islands on the east side of Washington, DC. This turnkey project aims to revitalize these islands, benefiting the local wildlife and enhancing the public visitor experience.

The restoration project will focus on achieving three key outcomes:

  1. Reduction of Invasive Plant Species: Our efforts will significantly reduce the abundance of invasive plant species within the conservation area, promoting the growth of native vegetation and restoring ecological balance.
  2. Protection and Expansion of Virginia Mallow Population: We will prioritize the protection and expansion of the regionally rare Virginia mallow (Sida hermaphrodita) population, working to create favorable conditions for its growth and proliferation.
  3. Enhancement of Native Plant Communities: Throughout the conservation area, we will enhance on-site native plant communities, promoting biodiversity and restoring the natural habitat.

Our approach involves a combination of mechanical control methods to suppress invasive plant populations while preserving the native tree canopy. Additionally, we will implement seeding and planting initiatives to transition the herbaceous stratum into a native species-dominated plant community. Tens of thousands of native trees, shrubs, grasses, sedges, and ferns will be strategically installed to provide an ecological uplift and ensure the long-term health of the islands.

RES has assembled a diverse team of technical experts who will collaborate to design, plan, and implement the restoration project over the next 24 months. Furthermore, we will develop a comprehensive long-term management plan for the conservation area, ensuring the sustainability and continued success of the restored ecosystem.

Through our dedication and expertise, RES is committed to restoring the ecological integrity of Kingman and Heritage Islands, creating a thriving habitat for wildlife, and rejuvenating natural space for the public’s enjoyment.

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